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LBA Group, Inc.

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Description LBA - telecommunications experts and the wireless industry's one-stop shop for RF compliance, RF shielding, EMI shielding, RF safety, tower collocation, RF interference, RF hazards, AM detuning, AM colocation, collocation and RF intermodulation studies.
Ownership hbwr
Keywords EME audits, EME, audits, RF compliance, RF shielding, EMI shielding, intermodulation, Telecommunications, RF safety, tower collocation, collocation, co-location, colocation, RF interference, RF intermodulation, RF hazards, Broadcast engineers, foundation testing, engineering, RF engineering, RF consultants, RF optimization, RF design, frequency planning, PN planning, GSM, CDMA, AMPS, TDMA, frequency hopping, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, spread spectrum, IS-95, IS-136, 1XRTT, drive testing, telecommunications, engineering consulting,AM detune, AM detuning, AM protection, AM towers, colocation, electromagnetic interference, EMI shielding, RF shielding, electromagnetic shielding, facility shielding, telecommunication, project management, site acquisistion, site development, reradiation, wireless cable, wireless, RF hazards, MW, Medium Wave, RF, AM broadcast, AM, FM, FM broadcast, TV broadcast, communication towers, RF interference, reradiation, AM reradiation, cell sites, cellular towers, wireless antennas, FCC regulation, antenna design, zoning, cellular, PCS, SMR, broadband, shielded chamber, conductive plastic, metalized polymer, metalized plastic, magneto resonance imaging, workplace hazards, Tunipole, Combipole, antennas, antenna tuning units, filters, COMET capacitors, COMET, COMET capacitor, transmitter combiners, dummy loads, vacuum capacitors, mica capacitors, copper, copper hardware, cable, fittings, sample loops, chokes, RF contactors, switches, plugs, meters, bandpass filters, coaxial power inserters, grounding, lightning, lightning dissipator, dissipation chokes, magnetic sensors, test equipment, transportable antennas, components, inductors, cabinets, insulators, UHF, VHF, microwave, MMDS, MDS, wireless, AM towers, cellular, site administration, site management, due dilligence, site audits, Wireless Internet, US Coast Guard, USCGS, NAVTEX, DGPS, GPS, Maritime Differential GPS, 300 kHz, 519 kHz, 490 kHz, radiator
Submission Date Dec 07, 2004

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