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RadioTelephone Tutor : Get your FCC GROL License plus Radar Endorsement

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Description RadioTelephone Tutor is a tutor program; that helps you study for the FCC GROL License, plus the Ship Radar Endorsement License.

Computers have a reputation for speeding things up.

Often times, test questions are worded in ways that fool you. By using RadioTelephone Tutor you will not be thrown by them.

RadioTelephone Tutor drills you on the questions you don't know; instead of the questions you do know the answers to.

RadioTelephone Tutor has been designed to minimize information overload.

Information overload happens when a program makes changes in the screen
faster then the brain can adjust to them.

RadioTelepone Tutor gives the brain enough time to adjust to screen changes.

This way you can study for longer periods of time.

RadioTelephone Tutor creates a practice test which represents what you would be
given in a real exam.

By using the practice test, you will know; if you are prepared enought for the exam.

Ownership Lassar
Submission Date Jan 12, 2008 (Edited Jun 01, 2008)

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Registration Date: Jan 12, 2008
Usergroup: member
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Occupation: Programmer
Birthdate: July 29, 1954 (64 years old)
Interests: Programming,computers,electronics
Biography: Like to mess with electronics. Created RadioTelephone Tutor to help others pass their FCC GROL License Exam. Have a CompTIA A+ certification.

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RadioTelephone Tutor : Get your FCC GROL License plus Radar Endorsement

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